Residential Locksmith Burbank

Residential Locksmith Burbank

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Your residential property deserves top security every day and therefore it is advisable to invest in top security locks. However, on different occasions, you require the services of a locksmith to solve different issues to do with residential property security, residential door repair or lock installation among many others.

Are you looking for the best residential locksmith services? At Locksmith Burbank, we offer different services to our residential clients. Check out the following services that we offer and feel free to contact us anytime.

Residential Key Making, Rekeying and Duplication

There are different circumstances where you need a new key for your residential door. It could be an old door lock that you need to use again, but the key is damaged or broken. When this happens, we can offer you a new key-making service so that you have another key for your door lock.

We also offer key duplication services. Let’s say you live with a close relative, and you work in different places and different hours. Each one of you should have a pair of the key for convenience. Come to us for a duplicate key anytime.

High-Security Residential Door Locks

As illustrated, the door lock serves a key role when it comes to securing your home. Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality of the door lock that you install on your doors. We offer high-security residential locks to make sure you enjoy a secure living.

Keyless and Keypad Locks

No one understands the keyless and keypad locks technology like we do. At Locksmith Burbank, we offer installation of residential keyless locks and we also service the keypad locks. We have highly trained technicians who offer the services to our esteemed clients.

Repairing and Installing Sliding Glass, Deadbolts & Doorknobs

Sliding glass is a common feature in many residential properties this modern day and age. However, not all locksmiths understand how to install the sliding glass or repair it. Our specialized technicians have the expertise to help you in case you need sliding glass installed or repaired.

Over time, bolts and doorknobs wear out and if they break, it is difficult to access the locked room. Don’t worry because Locksmith Burbank offers doorknob repair that will knock your socks off. Or maybe you need to install a new doorknob to upgrade to the latest look. When you want to have a new knob or replacing the deadbolts, contact us we will be glad to serve you.

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Intercom Systems and Security Door Lock Installation

To enforce home security, you might want to install high-level security door locks and intercom systems for extra intelligence. These are necessary and should be installed in any residential property anyway. Like sliding glass, the technology needs specialized locksmiths and you can count on Locksmith Burbank to offer this service. We deploy the latest technology when it comes to securing your residential property.

Expert Lock Picking

Lockpicking is a technology that allows us to unlock residential doors in case of damaged key or jammed lock pins. We have the latest electronic lock picking guns that can pick any type of locks. On top of that, the lock picking is done by an expert to ensure the lock will not be damaged.

Burbank Residential Locksmith Services:

  • Key Making, Rekeying & Duplication
  • High-Security Locks
  • Keyless & Keypad Locks
  • Deadbolts & Doorknobs Repair and Installations

Locksmith Burbank

  • Sliding Glass & Security Door Locks
  • Intercom Systems
  • Lock Picker
  • Repair & Unlock Safes

Residential Safe Repair and Unlocking

Don’t entrust strangers and unlicensed locksmiths to even come close to your residential safe. You need a trusted person to help you unlock the safe, even for a safe repair. At Locksmith Burbank, we are the trusted lock experts you have been searching for. Come to us for our amazing services.

Key Takeaway

Locksmith services for your residential property need a company that has state of the art equipment and a high level of expertise. That’s why at Burbank we have invested in the latest technology and have top talented experts offering 24 Hour Locksmith Services.